Working Groups

The Medical Heritage Library (MHL) has four working groups designed to advocate for, advance public awareness of, and improve access to MHL resources.

Access & Discovery Initiatives
This committee identifies, reviews and promotes tools for discovering the Medical Heritage Library corpus. Contact Melissa Grafe.

The Metadata Working Group seeks to improve discovery and access for MHL resources by standardizing and enriching metadata for MHL content in the Internet Archive and elsewhere. Contact Joan Thomas.

Non-Profit Status
This Non-Profit Status Working Group is responsible for investigating the process and procedures necessary to make the MHL a 501 (c) 3 non-profit entity. Contact Beth Lander.

Preservation, Access, and Advocacy to Records Containing Protected Health Information
Liaising with the American Association for the History of Medicine’s (AAHM) ad hoc committee on patient records, the Preservation, Access, and Advocacy Working Group seeks to advance efforts to create researcher access to manuscript and archival records containing protected health information about individuals while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of patients. Contact Phoebe Evans-Letocha.

World War I Online Exhibit
In anticipation of the World War I centennial, the World War I Online Exhibit working group is preparing an online exhibit of World War I-related content in the MHL and held by its principal contributors. Contact Jack Eckert.

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