State Medical Society Journal Digitization Project Wrapping Up

Our latest digitization project, state medical society journals, is in its last months. We’re working on the final report to the National Endowment for the Humanities (#SavetheNEH, by the way!) and the last few volumes are going into the collection.

There’s more than one way you can access the material. There is, of course, the main collection page on the Internet Archive, but we’re also working on a more detailed list by state and we hope to supplement this list with links to each journal title individually.

You will automatically search the state medical journals project as part of the main MHL collection if you use the IA search box from our main collection page and you can also use our own full-text search tool. Scroll down to “collections” and select “statemedicalsocietyjournals” to use all the power of our search tool for this body of material.

New to the MHL!

Lots of state medical journals, that’s what’s new around here!

Check out:

And we also have a ton of new monographs:

And as always, check out our full collection for more!

Digital Highlights: Remedial Hypnotism

Now might be about the time in the fall semester when a little remedial something-or-other starts to sound like a pretty good idea — particularly remedial sleep.

Or perhaps you could just use the techniques in The remedial uses of hypnotism to convince yourself you have had more sleep and were ready to go all over again! (If you try that and it works, please do let me know.)

Page through below or follow this link to read Frederic Henry Gerrish’s 1892 The remedial uses of hypnotism.