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Digital Highlights: Tea with Mrs. Quantock

Any fan of E.F. Benson’s Lucia series will remember Daisy Quantock, Lucia’s next-door neighbor in the village of Riseholme. Benson describes Daisy as being a middle-aged woman in perfect health and therefore devoted to whatever diet or exercise fad comes her way. …

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Digital Highlights: “The Magic Monitor”

This is a small book; but it contains as much reading as a large and heavy volume of five hundred pages, printed in large type. I mention this fact so that you will not mis-estimate the amount of labor I …

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Digital Highlights: Who Wants to be a Mesmerist?

Who doesn’t want to finish up the summer with a new skill? Why not try mesmerism! Thomas Welton is here to help with his 1884 Mental Magic: “The public again, after a lapse of 20 years, being much interested in the above …

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Digital Highlights: Overworking Your Brain

“Brain-work” may not be something we’re thinking about in the middle of the summer but the dangers of overwork are always with us — at least, so thinks Horatio C. Wood. In 1880, he published Brain-work and overwork to publicize his …

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Digital Highlights: “Every Man Can Be His Own Doctor”

Who doesn’t enjoy a good self-help read from time to time? This one comes stocked with suggestions for home medical treatment, rules for healthy living, and suggestions on how to take out stains (among other recipes)! Flip through the pages …

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Digital Highlights: Anyone for Tea?

Around this time of year, most of us enjoy some good iced tea from time to time: perhaps green or black, maybe with lemon, maybe with mint, or maybe some southern “sweet tea” (which I’ve never gotten to taste!) A. …

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Digital Highlights: “The Hospital Pupil’s Guide Through London”

The hospital pupil’s guide through London, in a seres [sic] of letters : from a pupil at St. Thomas’s Hospital to his friend in the country ; recommending the best manner of a pupils employing his time, and interspersed with …

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Digital Highlights: News for (Alumnae) Nurses

In February of 1907, the Alumnae Association of the School for Nursing at the New York Hospital agreed upon the publication of a newsletter for their alums: “It is hoped that the paper, if continued, may help to keep the …

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Digital Highlights: Coram and the Foundlings


The Foundling Hospital, founded in 1739 by Captain Thomas Coram in London, is the subject of John Brownlow’s 1858 The history and design of the Foundling Hospital : with a memoir of the founder. At the time of the book’s publication, …

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Digital Highlights: CSI (circa 1905)

Police procedurals — such as the popular CSI series and its spin-offs and imitators — were not the cultural presence in turn of the century America that they are today. The development of the detective story and the crime novel are …

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