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Digital Highlights: A Fungous Nose

Arise Evans had a fungous nose, and said it was revealed to him that the King’s hand would cure him: and at the first coming of King Charles II. into St. James’s Park, he kissed the King’s hand and rubbed his …

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Digital Highlights: The Form of the Face

The physiognomical manual of John Caspar Lavater provides rules for judging by the phsyiognomy: is someone’s nose a little to the left? perhaps their eyebrows are not quite symmetrical? or their ears are set far back on their head? These are …

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Digital Highlights: Measure Twice…

We’re well into October now — in the United States, we’re looking forward at November and December which, for many of us, involve a bout of cooking unlike anything seen in the rest of the year. To help you out …

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Digital Highlights: “The State and the Doctor”


Sidney and Beatrice Webb were pioneer social researchers in England at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. They published indefatigably, both together and separately, to create an impressive historical and analytical body of material, …

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Digital Highlights: Analyzing the Tea Leaves — and the Coffee Beans

Modern food packaging regulations did not come from thin air: one of the parent pieces of legislation in the United Kingdom was the Adulteration Act of 1860. Previous to formal legislation on the subject, adulteration of foodstuffs — bread, coffee, …

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Digital Highlights: “Concentration”

“We will not complain that we concentrate poorly, but we will proceed to train ourselves to concentrate wonderfully.” (8)

Digital Highlights: South for Health

“Sick people have but a single wish–that they may get well…” William Francis Hutchinson of Rhode Island starts his Under the Southern Cross: a guide to the sanitariums and other charming places in the West Indies and Spanish Main with a clear …

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Digital Highlights: “Plain Home Talk”


Edward B. Foote’s Plain home talk about the human system, published in 1870, is one of the large number of nineteenth century home advice manuals. Such manuals usually covered a wide variety of topics, potentially including not only medical advice, but …

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Digital Highlights: Cannon and Social Work

Medical social work was a burgeoning field in the early decades of the twentieth century; what might now be considered a ‘holistic approach’ to medicine — dealing with the patient’s social background, life experience, job, and so on — was …

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Digital Highlights: New York Journal of Medicine


New titles from our National Endowment for the Humanities-funded grant to digitize medical journals are going up in our collection on the Internet Archive regularly. A recent addition is the New York Medical Journal, in a run from 1865 to …

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