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Find us on Twitter at @MedicalHeritage. Here are some of the things we’ve been putting up recently…

  • Planned Updates to the H-Net network: “H-Net 2.0 is the new platform for H-Net Networks, built on the Drupal content management system. The platform will enable H-Net’s editors and users to upload, discuss, create, edit, transform, and develop rich content in the humanities and social sciences.”
  • The London Review of Books comments on the Wellcome Collection’s “Brains: The Mind as Matter” exhibit: “I once met an aristocratic woman who had trepanned herself.”
  • News from Publisher’s Weekly of a library amicus brief in the Hathi Trust lawsuit: “Nevertheless, if a federal judge accepts the Authors Guild argument, Band argues, it would dramatically impact any library’s’ ability to provide the most basic services, “including lending books and providing Internet access to the public.””
  • Notice of an On the Media episode dedicated to publishing and ebooks: “Publishers are trying to adapt as the book industry changes dramatically, and they’re doing so in the face of rapidly changing reading habits among consumers.”
  • New updates to our Tools for Digital Research page.
  • The Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project’s latest white paper on orphan works: “But in recent years, at least four developments have exacerbated the problem: (1) the elimination of copyright formalities, (2) the progressive extension of copyright terms, (3) technological advances that allow authors to create and preserve more copyrightable works, and (4) technological changes in the way users access and consume copyrighted works, especially in the shift from print to digital.”
  • And, from the Guardian and the Wellcome Trust, how the best science writers keep you in your seat and reading: “And a great science writer might start with something like this: “If not for a virus, none of us would ever be born.””

And new additions to the MHL:

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