Mar 21

All the News That’s Fit to Link

Here are a few of the news stories that have come across our desks here at the MHL recently…

…Thanks to Peter Scott who was kind enough to mention the MHL on his blog.

…a call for papers for a conference on “Patients et Traitements Psychiatriques a l’ecran…

…a lecture on “Selling the Dead: Anatomy as Business in the Dutch Golden Age” at the Observatory in New York City.

…why do we make things? “Making Things in the Digital Humanities.

…the Birkbeck Pain Project and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities are holding a free workshop called “The History of Pain Without Lesion” in May.

…Noah Wardrip-Fruin has written a great essay — with fascinating discussions happening in the comments! — for Inside Higher Ed on digital humanities: The Prison-House of Data.

…and via DigitalKoans, there’s a piece on the debate and evolution in open-access publishing.

As always, for more from the Medical Heritage Library, please visit our full collection!

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