All the News That’s Fit to Link

Welcome to midweek! Here are some of the stories that have come across our desks here at the MHL recently…

…a call for papers from Food and Hospitals: a historical perspective; a joint conference between the University of Birmingham and the Free University of Brussels.

…part fifteen of a great series of “Specimen of the Week” posts from the University College London Museums and Collections blog.

…an interesting short article from the Chicago Tribune about the need for physicians to be learn the history of medicine.

…another call for papers, this time from a conference on the intersection of the visual arts and science to be held at the University of York (United Kingdom).

…blog post from the HASTAC Scholars with an ensuing discussion on comments on “Study Habits in the Digital Age.

…a short video from Astrid Mo of the Medical Museion on the “aesthetics of the biomedical laboratory.

As always, for more from the Medical Heritage Library, please visit our full collection!

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