New Resources

We’ve recently added a few new resources to our Tools for Digital Research page and wanted to take a minute to draw them to your attention.

The Giant’s Shoulders: This is a monthly collation of author-submitted blog posts from other blogs on the history of science and medicine. For an example, check out the most recent one from around Halloween time, hosted by the Early Modern Experimental Philosophy blog at the University of Otago, featuring posts on anecdotes about vampires, the history of witches, Alfred Russell Wallace, and the prevalence of syphilis among Romans. Submissions are open for the next monthly round-up!

Medical Museion: The website includes the digital content from the realworld Medical Museion, located in Copenhagen and includes a virtual museum and blog content.

UCL Museums & Collections: A blog covering material from University College London’s collections, including the Grant Museum of Zoology, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, and the Science Collections.

Morbid Anatomy: A blog from the Morbid Anatomy Library and Cabinet collection in New York, a research library and private collection open to interested researchers by appointment. Morbid Anatomy covers topics including medical museums, cabinets of curiosity, and the history of medicine, death, and society.

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