New Contributors Sought

The Medical Heritage Library is seeking new contributors to expand and enhance resources and services to the MHL’s community of scholars, students, and other users. To facilitate participation of libraries and other organizations, the MHL has identified three ways in which they can contribute.

MHL Participation Levels

Principal contributor: any institution that dedicates resources or staff time to achieve MHL goals and objectives. This includes the partners currently digitizing materials and also those organizations that are contributing expertise. Because grant projects are labor-intensive (far beyond grant-sponsored personnel), any participant in such a project would be considered a principal contributor. Principal contributors have a demonstrated commitment to the MHL, thus governance council members are drawn from this group; participation is co-terminus with the contribution.

Collection contributor: any institution that adds existing digitized materials to the MHL. Such organizations will be asked to issue a press release about the content contribution, in addition to the activities listed below.

Contributor: any institution that publicizes the MHL and promotes its use and development. Our goal is to obtain the participation of history of medicine special collections and other organizations in promoting the use of MHL collections.  In exchange for recognizing them on the MHL website, we hope that contributors will link to the MHL, distribute MHL print materials, display a flyer, and inform us of opportunities for collaboration, such as co-sponsoring a presentation about the MHL to appropriate constituencies.

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