The Library Journal Interviews HathiTrust

In the July 2011 issue, Char Booth of the Library Journal interviews Heather Christenson and Paul Fogel from HathiTrust after starting to wonder where her pre-conceptions about digital libraries like Hathi came from.

Booth writes about starting a piece on ebooks and finding mis-scanned books on Hathi. When the bad images were brought to the attention of Hathi staff, the errors were corrected. When fact-checking her piece with Hathi, Booth began to wonder about her image of digital libraries and settled on an interview with Hathi staff as the best method to get some of her questions answered.

The interview is a great read: a kind of question-by-question introduction to the work Hathi is doing and how they do it and what they’d like to do going forward. Booth’s questions are straightforward but not simplistic: what is actually in HathiTrust? how does it get there? what’s going to happen to it in the future?

For those of us without personal or institutional access to the magazine, Booth’s article is available online.

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