Historic New Orleans

Via a recent posting to the Caduceus-L  listserv, we learn that the Rudolph Matas Library of Tulane University is announcing the opening of its online collection of New Orleans Charity Hospital Reports.  Available through the Internet Archive, the Rudolph Matas website, and LOUISiana Digital Library Collection of Collections, the collection of reports spans over 100 years from 1842 to 1974. Researchers can browse the reports online or download the reports in .pdf form from the Matas website or browse them at the Internet Archive.

The reports contain morbidity and mortality information for New Orleans. This information includes statistics on yellow fever and venereal disease as well as physician information. The reports also include brief annual reports on the state of the Charity Hospital, both physical and financial.

These reports are of interest not only to researchers in the history of medicine and public health but will be intriguing to other humanities scholars as they offer information which can be viewed and evaluated from a number of different disciplines.

The MHL is pleased to welcome this new addition to the digital resources available to scholars and, as always, for more from the MHL, please visit our full collection!

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