New to the MHL!

The MC Migel Library of the American Printing House for the Blind has been adding lots of great new items recently. Here are just a few:

Additionally, the Wellcome Library has been adding lots of titles to its collection of medical officer of health reports all of which are available as part of the MHL, too.

#ColorOurCollections 2017!

We’re very excited to be working on our pages for #ColorOurCollections 2017!

If you’d like something to work on ’til February, check out NYAM’s Pinterest gathering of coloring pages — blank and completed by artists!

There was also this very interesting piece from Jill O’Neill at the Scholarly Kitchen with some thoughts about the inaugural #ColorOurCollections: What #ColorOurCollections Suggests.

Johns Hopkins’ Legacy for Nursing Education

~This post courtesy of Phoebe Evans Letocha, Collections Management Archivist, Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

As 2016 comes to a close, we gather to honor the life and legacy of Mr. Johns Hopkins on this 143rd anniversary of his death. Let us pay special attention to his legacy for nursing education.

1873, the year of Mr. Hopkins’ death, was also a momentous year for the birth of professional nursing in America.

On March 10, 1873, Johns Hopkins instructed his trustees, “I desire you to establish, in connection with the hospital, a training school for female nurses. This provision will secure the services of women competent to care for the sick in the hospital wards, and will enable you to benefit the whole community by supplying it with a class of trained and experienced nurses.” Continue reading