Jul 22

Website Update

We’re on the brink of changing our website over to a new design — please be patient as some of our links have broken and will not be updated until we update the entire site. If you have any questions, please email hanna_clutterbuck (at) hms (dot) harvard (dot) edu and we apologize for any inconvenience!

Aug 08

New to the MHL!

We’ve got lots of new material coming into the MHL:

As always, you can visit our full collection here and our state medical society journals collection here.

Aug 01

Images from the MHL

Do you follow us on Twitter? If you do, you’ve probably seen some of these — pages from our state medical journals digitization project.You can see everything in the project in our subcollection on the Internet Archive.

May 16

Images from the Library: State Medical Journals

Check out these from the 1963 volume of California Medicine. You can see the entire state medical society journals collection here and the complete MHL collection here.



May 09

Images from the Library: State Medical Journals

We’re going to be highlighting some great one-pagers from our growing state medical journals collection.

It seemed appropriate to start on a Monday with…well…a headache medication.


From California Medicine (98/2), February 1963. For more, you can check out the full state medical journals collection here and, of course, our full collection here.

Apr 25


If you’re going to be at AAHM this week, come join us on Friday at 12:15 in St Croix I for our lunch session: Medicine at the Ground Level. Nancy Tomes from Stony Brook University, Polina Ilieva from UCSF, and Melissa Grafe from Yale will be joining Harvard’s Scott Podolsky to talk about the MHL’s ongoing project to digitize state medical journals.

You can check out the collection ahead of time here.

We’ll be having an informal breakfast session on Saturday morning, too. Grab your coffee and come join us in the Chase Boardroom!

Apr 11

MHL at the Images and Text Workshop

The MHL is very pleased to be participating in the Images and Texts in Medical History workshop at the National Library of Medicine this week. The workshop will bring together historians and librarians interested in applying digital humanities tools to researching the history of medicine. Participants and observers will gather at the National Library of Medicine April 11-13 to explore innovative methods and data sources useful for analyzing images and texts in the field of medical history.

Several members from the Medical Heritage Library will be presenting and attending. Our presentation will be Tuesday, April 12th 9:20-10:40 and will include brief presentations from:

Melissa Grafe, Yale Medical Library
Phoebe Evans Letocha, Johns Hopkins University
Aimee Medeiros, University of California San Francisco
Polina Ilieva, University of California San Francisco

We look forward to seeing you there and to the fruitful discussions we’re sure will result!

Jan 29

Digital Highlights: Johann Remmelin’s “Kleiner Welt Spiegel”

The Archives and Special Collections of the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library of Columbia University have digitized the 1661 German translation of Johann Remelin’s Catoptrum Microcosmicum.

Check out the great video made about the process:

And read their full post about digitizing a medical pop-up book! You can check out the final result in the MHL here.

Jan 27

The MHL Welcomes a New Partner: The Osler Library

The Medical Heritage Library is pleased to announce our first new partner of 2016: the Osler Library of the History of Medicine at McGill University.

The Osler Library of the History of Medicine at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, opened in 1929 to house the collection of rare medical and other books donated by Sir William Osler (1849-1929), the renowned physician and McGill graduate and professor. Initially comprising 8000 titles listed in the Bibliotheca Osleriana, the collection – one of the world’s outstanding ones – has grown to around 100,000 works including rare monographs, journals, archives and prints, as well as scholarly publications about the history of the health sciences and related areas. To date, the Library has scanned 152 items, all of which are available on the Library’s own Internet Archive site as well as in the MHL collection.

Making the Osler Library’s items available through the MHL not only enriches the MHL collection, but makes the Osler’s items searchable through the MHL’s Bookworm and full-text search tools.

We’re delighted to be able to include the Osler’s material in our collection and will be tagging more as the Library continues to scan items.

Jan 25

Images from the Library


From Alfred Moquin-Tandon’s Le monde de la mer (1866).

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